Ben (Pod 2)

trying to make good choices all week and his fabulous Tasmanian Devil work.

26th June 2020

Chris (Pod 4)

being an important pod member - we love having you in our pod.

26th June 2020

Sophie (Pod 5)

being a superb dancer. What skills you have.

26th June 2020

Emilia (Jellyfish)

playing kindly and patiently with others.

19th June 2020

Joseph (Pod 6)

writing a brilliant description about a setting, with lots of expanded noun phrases and prepostitions. 

26th June 2020

Sam (Pod 7)

working hard on the 'Gold Mathmagician Award'.

26th June 2020

Emma (Oysters)

still doing loads of home learning despite having a broken arm. What a super brave

Oyster!                      26th June 2020

Nyla (Octopus)

A fantastic Benin mask - looks like the real thing!

26th June 2020