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Pansy grow in lots of different colours. They have soft velvety petals.

Flowers Rose Pansy Poppy

The poppy is spread throughout the countryside, the scarlet red petals are very recognisable.

Roses have strong, thorny stems. There are many types of rose, and many of them have a lovely scent.


Daisies most often have white or pink petals with a yellow centre. They have many petals.

The crocus grows from a bulb, these bulbs multiply each year. You can even plant a crocus bulb upside down and it will still grow the right way up!

Tulips are very popular and are grown from bulbs. The bulbs can be used instead of onions in cooking!

Daisy Tulip Daffodil Sunflower Lavender

Daffodils grow from bulbs, they are easy to grow and can be spotted in gardens and along the roadside.

Lavender has a strong scent, it is sometimes used as a medicine.

Sunflowers take 80-90 days to grown from a seed. The seeds can be eaten and make a tasty snack.

Dahlia Passion Flower Lily

Dahlias grow from tubers, when dahlias have finished flowering, the tubers can be stored for the next year.

Lilies have 6 petals and are a trumpet shape. They don’t have much scent but come in lots of different colours.

Passion flowers are climbers, their tendrils wind around anything nearby to enable them to climb higher. They produce an edible fruit.