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Proposal to Extend Age Range



Landkey Community Primary Academy proposes to extend its age range from aged 4-11 to 2-11 years, starting in January 2024. Initially, the Academy plans to admit three and four-year-olds to the Reception Class, establishing a Foundation Stage Unit, with the intention of later accommodating two-year-olds. 

If approved, the school will operate a cohesive Foundation Stage Unit, where Nursery and Reception children will learn together. This arrangement will continue until the transition to Year One, which is the commencement of Key Stage One. Should the demand for nursery provision grow to such a level, a dedicated Nursery class will be established, separate to the Reception class. Nursery children will be officially registered on the school's roll. However, parents/carers of children in the nursery class will still need to apply separately to Devon County Council for a Reception place.     

The proposal will not impact the school's capacity or the Published Admission Number for school-aged children, nor will it strain existing classroom space. The existing Reception classroom area and outdoor space will accommodate the Foundation Stage Unit and the school possesses sufficient space within its current buildings to provide a larger Foundation Stage Unit or to establish a dedicated Nursery classroom, if demand necessitates it. No additional capital funding or planning permission is required.

Evidence of demand:

Presently, the school does not offer Nursery provision, and the available provision in Landkey village has diminished due to the closure of Ladybirds Day Nursery. While Landkey village has two childminders, Devon County Council has highlighted a shortage of funded places for two, three, and four-year-olds in the area. This shortage has become more prominent following the closure of Ladybirds Day Nursery. Considering the projected housing growth and new funding entitlements, the deficit of available places is expected to intensify.



In Landkey, there is a significant demand for funded places for two, three, and four-year-olds, estimated at 25 places as of summer 2023. Currently, many parents are compelled to seek provision outside the area for their children. The school has experienced a rise in enquiries about Nursery provision, with instances where parents have chosen alternative schools due to the availability of Nursery facilities, rather than based on their preference.



Expanding the Academy's age range will enable local children to access early years provision within their community and contribute to an increase in Reception intake.


Education Standards:              
Landkey Community Primary Academy is an Ofsted “Good” School.            
Last inspected: June 2023. Report available at:


Proposed Implementation:

January 2024


Responding to this consultation:

We welcome responses on this proposal by the closing date of 15 September 2023 either:

By email:;

By Online Form: Click here to respond via online form

In Writing:

Georgie Gratton,         
Head Teacher,             
Landkey Community Primary Academy
EX32 0LJ.

If you would like to visit the school to discuss the proposal, please email:  to arrange.


All responses to the consultation will be considered and will be shared with the school’s leadership team and School Community Board, but we will not send individual responses to any specific points raised.

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