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Landkey Academy Staff

Georgie Gratton.png

Head Teacher
Mrs Georgie Gratton

Sophie Austen.png

Deputy Head Teacher
Mrs Sophie Austen

Sam Piper.png

School Business Manager
Mrs Sam Piper

Charlotte Hewitt 2.png

Deputy Head Teacher
Miss Charlotte Hewitt

Michelle Kingdon.png

Administrative Assistant
Mrs Michelle Kingdon

Hannah Elliott.png

Mrs Hannah Elliott

Hannah Ralph.png
Charlotte Davies.png
Sophie Brookes.png

Reception Teacher
Mrs Hannah Ralph

Year 1 Teacher
Mrs Charlotte Davies

Year 1 Teacher
Mrs Sophie Brookes

Jayne Trickey.png

Year 2 Teacher
Mrs Jayne Trickey

Sian Griffiths.png

Year 5 Teacher
Miss Sian Griffiths

Natasha Smith.png

Year 3 Teacher
Miss Natasha Smith

Jade Rendle.png

Year 4 Teacher
Miss Jade Rendle

Sadie Wood.png

Year 5 Teacher
Mrs Sadie Wood

Sarah Griffin.png

Year 6 Teacher
Mrs Sarah Griffin

Beth Ryan.png

Mrs Beth Ryan


Miss Zoe Kennedy

Early Years Practitioner
Mrs Rebecca Hawkins

Claire McGlone.png

Teaching Assistant & 
Mrs Claire McGlone

Katie Harwood.png

Teaching Assistant
Miss Katie Harwood

Sally Powell.png

Teaching Assistant
Mrs Sally Powell

Emma Ley.png

Teaching Assistant
Mrs Emma Ley

Tabitha Lyng.png

Teaching Assistant
Mrs Tabitha Lyng

Hannah Schofield.png

Teaching Assistant
Mrs Hannah Schofield

Lucy Tamlyn 3.png

Teaching Assistant
Mrs Lucy Tamlyn

Miss Lauren White
Mrs Toni Angell

Dawn de Beer.png

Meal Time Assistant &
After School Club
Play Leader

Mrs Dawn de Beer

Keighley Hale

Meal Time Assistant

Miss Keighley Hale

Sharron Kirk.png

Meal Time Assistant &
After School Club
Play Worker
Mrs Sharron Kirk

Georgina O'Donnell.png

Breakfast Club
Play Leader

Mrs Georgina O'Donnell

Kitchen Manager
Mrs Tania McLean

Emma Rippon.png

Kitchen Assistant
Miss Emma Rippon

Mr Danny Rippon

Kim Jewell.png

Mrs Kim Jewell

Claire Toleman.png

Mrs Claire Toleman

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