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Pets As Therapy Read2Dogs Scheme

We are delighted to share that we have registered for the Pets As Therapy Read2Dogs Scheme, which is designed to give pupils opportunities to increase their confidence and enjoyment in reading and learning.

Every half term, a class will receive fortnightly visits from Bertie the dog (and his owner Lisa!), who will join them as they continue with their learning, under the close supervision of the PAT Dog’s owner and members of the school staff. These dogs are specially registered dogs who normally visit in hospitals, hospices, care homes etc. They will remain on the lead and under control at all times.

Dog therapy is a useful strategy in classrooms to promote reduced stress levels, higher levels of concentration and focus and a calm environment.

We are aware that some children can be fearful of dogs and may need reassurance, this is to be expected and Lisa and Bertie come fully prepared for a nervous reception. There are also children who may have a genuine fear of all dogs. Dog therapy is well known to help children move forwards with this in a very safe and controlled way. If this applies to your child, please let the class teacher know ASAP so that we can prepare your child and the environment appropriately.

You may see Bertie and Lisa around school, please feel free to stop to chat to Lisa and stroke Bertie if desired!

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