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Sunny Weather

Please do remember to send your child into school with sun hats and ensure that you put sun cream on before they come to school as we are not able to apply this in school.

School Timings



KS1 & EYFS end of day ~ 3:15pm

KS2 end of day ~ 3:20pm

Please ensure your child is in school no later than 8:55am to ensure we can do the register at 9am.

Please avoid bringing your children through the school building.

Children should be dropped off inside the playground.

Acute Nut Allergy Alert 

Due to the presence of allergy sufferers within the school, would you please be understanding and support us by avoiding sending your child to school with NUTS in either the packed lunch or snacks.

No nuts or nut products please for example Peanut Butter.

Wet Weather

In the event of rain, the doors to school will open at 8.45 and children are welcome to come into school and into their classrooms from then onwards.

Healthy Eating

The school encourages a healthy eating policy and would like you to follow these guidelines:-

Healthy Snacks - Please would you ensure that if your child enjoys a snack at break time, it is healthy, i.e. fruit, cereal bar or similar.  No crisps & chocolates etc are permitted. And only one per break time!


Drinks - Your child is allowed a drink in the classroom and out in the playground, but this must be in a bottle clearly labelled. As we are a healthy school, we promote the children drinking water within the class.

They are allowed fruit juice, milk or similar healthy drinks whilst having their
lunch in the hall.


No jewellery should be worn in school (except stud earrings).

No toys are to come to school with the children.

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